Create custom websites in minutes. All on Notion.

Create custom websites in minutes. All on Notion.


Potion adds the magic, generating a speedy site with custom domains, styles and great SEO.

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"As a current user, I highly recommend it! I’m really loving writing my site in Notion and having it published with Potion"
Bryan Smith
Founder of Interweave
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"Potion is fantastic! A breeze to use, and the product keeps getting better. Plus I already use Notion for everything else. It's a no-brainer!"
Joshua Anderton
Founder of Upscribe
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Notion is an Amazing CMS.

You're already writing all your content there. Why not use it for your website? Potion makes this possible. Checkout the blocks supported.

The Old Way

  • Install Wordpress
  • Get distracted with tons of options
  • Publish each page
  • Learn a new web builder
  • Monthly visitor limits
  • Manually create every pretty URL
  • Same image preview for each page
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With Potion

  • Nothing to install
  • It's simple - focus more on your content
  • Update and it's instantly live!
  • Use Notion (You already know it)
  • No page limits
  • Potion generates pretty URLs and preview images auto-magically from your page titles
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Custom Domains

Turn your pages into a publicly-accessible website that’s truly yours.

Update and it's live

All content changes and edits appear on your site instantly.
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Live Editor

Potion's dashboard allows you to make simple style changes such as fonts, background and text colors to your site.

Custom Styles

You can add your own css and fonts with snippet injection and change the default Notion-like styles.
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Great SEO

Potion is optimized so that search engines find your website. Potion also generates SEO-friendly URLs from your child page titles.

Super Fast Page Speeds

Potion generates a static site so navigating between pages and loading them is like the snap of a finger.
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Automatically Generated Preview Images per Page

Potion creates a unique preview image from the page title and cover image.

Password protected sites

Only allow users that you give access. This is great for info products, communities and team collaboration.
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We play nicely with other tools you need to build a website.
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Potion is great for these kinds of sites

If you can build it in Notion, you can build it in Potion.
Potion is great for sharing data and content. If you'd like to see more examples of sites check out our showcase!

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Add Magical Potion to Notion

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This site was created with Potion and Notion.



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